Friday, October 21, 2016

MWF Collaboration

From the StrucSoft website...

Quick and Easy Trade Collaboration

Loaded out of the box with the pre-set libraries of critical framing templates, panel joins, framing conditions, and clashing rules, users are ready to start using the MWF Collaboration App virtually immediately. As critical members and No-Fly zones are placed in and above walls the modified clash detection engine looks for interfering ducts, structural members, and other such objects before producing clash reports. Coordinate directly with subcontractors using the generated reports or export to Navisworks for real time collaboration.

MWF Collaboration is brought to you by StrucSoft Solutions.

MWF Collaboration is not available as a separate product but is instead integrated with other StrucSoft Solutions apps, including MWF Pro Metal, MWF Pro Wood, and MWF Advanced Metal.

There's more information available on the StrucSoft Solutions website.

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