Friday, March 31, 2017

Exclusive: John Pierson Covers Two of His Favorites from the New Beaker for Dynamo Package

Editor's Note: Here, our very first guest blogger John Pierson covers two of his favorite uses of the newly announced Beaker for Dynamo package from EvolveLAB.

So, EvolveLAB released Beaker for Dynamo. What does it do?

I want to go ahead and use two examples that I love from Beaker.

The first one is obtaining the titleblock from a sheet. Very doable in Dynamo, but requires a few nodes.

This first example is made very possible with the awesome Springs package by the way.

Here is the revised workflow using Beaker. A little simpler, right? This is also using C# and it is crazy fast!

Now for the next example, collecting curtain walls in a Revit project. I have had to do this myself so many times. But since a curtain wall is a wall in Revit, it has its own challenges. We basically filter out by a parameter that only curtain walls have.

Now for the Beaker way. Both ways come up with the same answer. But one node is a little easier to manage.

Of course this is not all that is in Beaker, there is plenty more in the package, and plenty more to come!

Check out the project site here and

Thanks for reading!

-John Pierson

John Pierson is a Computational BIM Specialist at EvolveLAB.  John has presented at Revit Technology Conference where he was rated as one of the top 5 speakers. He is an active member in the Dynamo community and currently manages Rhythm; which is among the top 10 most downloaded Dynamo packages

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