Friday, September 30, 2011

Bentley Innovations for the iPad

Bentley’s iPad apps are extensions of their desktop ProjectWise platform. These apps extend the core concept of smart sharing, flexible publishing, and dynamic review to the iPad. With Bentley’s iPad apps you can now work from any location. From your office you can author documents, package them together, and transfer them to the iPad. On site you can view those documents, review their properties, and mark up as needed. Finally, you can repackage them and synchronize with your work on your desktop in the office.

You can also download Bentley’s iWare apps to create your own optimized i-models (called “maps”) and i-model packages within ProjectWise Explorer, MicroStation, i-model Composer, and (presumably) indirectly from Revit using the i-model plug-in for Revit.

The iPad apps are applicable for all markets including civil, plant, building, and others. Follow the workflow diagrams below to get started. Enjoy innovative features like 360-degree panoramic viewing, redlining, and synching back with the desktop!

Bentley Navigator for iPad: Panoramic 360-degree navigation of 3-D design models as well as easy review of properties and red-lining of design models.

ProjectWise Explorer for iPad: Create, view, and mark up design models along with project files like PDFs, spreadsheets, and photos.

There's more information on Bentley's iPad apps here.

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