Tuesday, August 15, 2017

For Vendors, Bloggers and News Sites – How Revit Add-ons Handles Copyrighted Material

Recently, the author of a couple of articles we re-posted on Revit Add-ons contacted us to ask that we remove approximately 80% of his content from our site and link back to his site for the balance. This was the first time in our 6+ years that someone contacted us with what could be interpreted as copyright concerns, and it prompted us to formally define our approach to copyrighted material.

First and foremost, we appreciate the hard work of originators of content in our thriving Revit add-ons community, and we recognize that their materials, including descriptions, images, etc, are their sole property. We do our best to clearly and properly source this material when we use it. Still, if  we re-post some of your content and you'd like it removed from Revit Add-ons, or to have it altered in some way, please let us know and we will immediately comply with your wishes.

Of course, our original content is under our copyright. As long as others properly source it, we're okay with that–with the notable exception of improperly appropriating trademarked items like our logo, header and the like.

Also, Revit Add-ons is not a piracy site, and we condemn all forms of software piracy. Attempts to pirate software that we become aware of through our site will be reported as appropriate.

We source content from three types of sites:
  1. Vendor's websites
  2. Blogs
  3. News sites
From now on, we're going to handle these three sources a little differently.

For vendor's content, we understand that the primary motivation is to get people to use their products, and we assume that the old axiom 'any publicity is good publicity' is true. Therefore, we re-post their content whole-cloth, properly sourcing it and linking back to their website. Going forward, we'll also provide copyright notices at the ends of our posts.

The motivations of bloggers and news sites are different from vendors. For bloggers, it's often about sharing their knowledge and building their personal brand. For news sites, the motivation is oftentimes financial gain from ads, which require pageviews on their sites (this is sometimes true of bloggers too). From now on, when sourcing blogs or news sites, we'll post a portion of the content and then, where we'd normally insert a page break, link back to their site for the rest.

We hope that this approach is amenable to all concerned. If you have any concerns or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!

Tim Grimm
Ye ole editor
Greater Seattle area
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