Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Artlantis for Revit Users

Create your model in Revit, export and edit it in Artlantis. Return to Revit, make changes to the geometry, export a new Artlantis file and recover your previous work done in Artlantis.

The Artlantis export plug-in offers a direct transfer from Revit into Artlantis, without the need for intermediate file formats. During the export, special entities are automatically exploded. Artlantis’ .atl file format is cross platform; it can be read on both Macintosh and Windows.

Let’s see in detail what Artlantis can recover from your Revit model:
  • The geometry
  • All cameras for parallel views
  • All cameras for perspective views
  • The shading color and transparency of materials with their names
  • The geographical position of the Sun active for the parallel view that is used for the export.

There's more information available on the Artlantis website.

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