Thursday, August 2, 2012


"Simple and useful. Do you need to measure the surface of a face or the length of an edge from an object of Revit, PowerMeasure is the solution. With a simple modeless dialog will display the length and surface information from selected faces in Revit. You simply click on the Get button available on the tab AsiaSW / PowerMeasure, so that by now you can click on the button Pick available on the form PowerMeasure and select faces or edges of objects from which to obtain area or length information. The length and area information are expressed in the current unit of the Revit project, you can change them from standard Revit user inteface (Manage/Project Units). You can also copy the information read from PowerMeasure Windows clipboard to paste wherever you want."

The price for PowerMeasure is USD 9.00.

PowerMeasure may be downloaded from the Autodesk Exchange | Apps website.


  1. Do we know if this tool provides x, y, and z distances? The lack of this information is the biggest flaw with Revit's native 'measure' ... its second biggest flaw is that it doesn't work in a 3-D view. This tool appears to work in a 3-D view - is this correct?


    1. Sorry but I don't know. I work for an agency that prohibits installing unapproved apps for testing purposes, even free ones.

      The customer support contact listed on the Autodesk Exchange Apps product website is

      Good luck! And it would be great if you could report back here what you find out. Thanks!

    2. As of today (08-07-12), the application PowerMeasure seems to have been removed from the Autodesk Exchange Apps site ....

      Thnaks for your site, tho - it is a nice resource.

    3. Confirmed. That's odd...

      Thank you for your compliment!

  2. As of today (10-07-12), the application PowerMeasure is back on the Autodesk Exchange Apps site with new release 2013.0.5.22379 and new feature: Re-sizeable window, Support for integration with add-ins tab, Added new feature 'Get Distance' from points in 3D View. Max