Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Revit Workflow Version 3.0 from Revolution Design Features Major Improvements

  • General
    • Licensing dialog has been upgraded to a new easy to use wizard interface.
    • 2011 version has been discontinued, workFlow 3.0 is available for 2012 and beyond only.
    • A 'Check for Updates' feature has been implemented. workFlow will check for a newer available build on startup and notify the user if a new build is available and give a download link. This dialog also contains a checkbox to disallow future checks.
    • Install paths have been fixed so that uninstalling earlier versions does not break newer versions.
    • Settings now persist from version to version.
  • autoLink
    • Views in linked files can now be referenced.
    • Viewports in linked files will be tracked to allow an instant error message if reference does not exist in current or linked file.
    • Updating speed has been increased dramatically.
    • Text before or after view reference will be retained (i.e. SIM).
    • New feature allowing a parameter name ending with “Viewname” to be filled in automatically with the view name (currently for reference purposes only).
    • 'Detail' and 'Sheet' parameters have been split to allow detail numbers and sheet numbers to be placed as separate text.
    • Instant updater stability has been increased.
    • Borrowed elements are ignored to avoid error messages.
    • Files can not be adjusted if central file is not valid.
    • Legacy settings are upgraded properly.
    • Fixed autoLink update count on dialog screen.
  • viewRename
    • New option to use active view name (i.e. Unit "A") to organize view names appropriately.
    • More flexibility in naming views using category or room size logic.
    • Easy addition or reorganization of new view types in grid format.
    • New confirmation options (manual, semi-automatic, and automatic) allow greater efficiency and control.
      • Adjust view type quickly using manual mode.
      • Receive basic confirmation in semi-automatic mode and accept or edit.
      • Automatically adjust with one click in automatic mode.
    • Easy adjustment of view legend details (Uppercase, Lowercase, Abbreviated).
    • Improved distinction of elements in crop box area of callout view.
    • View type more accurately determined by "Family Type - Type Name".
    • Adjustable column widths in viewRename settings dialog.
    • Logic now included for elevation and section active views in viewRename.
    • Legacy settings are upgraded properly.
    • More precise directions for elevations/sections.
    • Increased accuracy of column grid information.
    • Better distinction of elements located in actual crop box area of a Callout view.
    • Callout and section views in the active section or elevation view work properly.
    • Finds similar view types (if name has a new extension - example: SIM or OH).
    • Instant updater working properly.
  • finishFloors
    • Finish code mapping has been significantly revised.
      • Default code map is stored in xml on the users system. This map should be set up with company standards and can be deployed by a BIM manager.
      • Finish map is stored in each project once the default is read and can be modified on a per-project basis.
      • Finish map can be edited from the settings dialog.
    • Finish parameter of room can now be set automatically using floors by click (see setting 'Set Finish Parameter on Creation').
    • 'Create Finish Floors' has been revised and is now 'Manage Finish Floors' and now creates a bi-directional link between the finish schedule and floor objects.
      • Dialog now displays current and new finish codes and floor types.
      • New types and/or codes are suggested based on the Finish Code Map but can be overridden manually.
      • Values that will change if 'Update Project' is pressed are highlighted in yellow.
      • 'Update Project' button updates both finish code parameter AND floor type where highlighted.
      • Finish code map is displayed on a collapsible panel to save screen space.

There's more information available on the Revolution Design website.

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