Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Insert Multiple Shared Parameters with Dynamo with Interactive User Input

From the Dynamo forum:

Insert multiple shared parameters with UI 

By Ernesto Pellegrino

I just made a script that lets you insert multiple shared parameters at once. I started from the nodes release by @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi and used some nodes of the packages listed below.

UI changes

Script in action

It maybe will be useful to someone else too. Please notice that you need to install those packages before running the script:
(I am not sure if I used all of them but they could be useful anyway)
  • Data-Shapes
  • Clockwork for Dynamo
  • Rhythm
  • SteamNodes
  • LunchBox for Dynamo
  • BattleBIM

(to install the packages, open Dynamo > Packages > Search for…)

Download the script from the Dynamo forum.

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Allen Angle said...

Is the ideas here to potentially create a txt file and share it along with the script to import multiple parameters for a project? If so where does the GUID data come from when creating the txt file. Or is the goal here just to truly load Multiple Shared Parameters at one time from an existing Shared Parameters txt file?