Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Tutorial – Introduction to Dynamo

From the CADnotes website:

Introduction to Dynamo

By Edwin Prakoso
February 6, 2019

Dynamo has gained its popularity. Many Revit users heard about it now. The problem is most of us think it is difficult to use. Watching the demo video is like watching David Blaine in action: everyone thinks it’s impressive, but we feel like it’s out of our reach.

Dynamo is a programming language. You can use it to automate a simple process or help you to design a complex model. This tutorial series covers the basic to help you automate your daily tasks. The objective is to encourage Revit users to use Dynamo for automation for productivity.

In this introduction, you will learn how to place an element by it’s coordinate using Dynamo. You can’t place element in Revit by coordinates, so this is where Dynamo becomes handy.

Starting Dynamo

You can start Dynamo using the icon in Revit Ribbon> Manage tab> Visual Programming panel> Dynamo.

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