Thursday, April 9, 2015

Free Entourage Workshop Beta – Control Color & Transparency of Non-Photorealistic RPC Content in Revit

From the ArchVision Labs website...

Attention Revit users! If you haven't checked out Entourage Workshop add-in for Revit you're missing some great new functionality and a valuable extension to the way you can use RPCs in Revit.

With Entourage Workshop you can create stylized entourage like silhouetted people and trees with ease!

Entourage Workshop lets Revit users easily stylize RPC entourage in their scenes for just the right look. Any RPC placed in Revit can be displayed as non-photorealistic entourage with individual settings affecting the Geometry, Color, and Transparency of the content.

The free Entourage Worksop Beta is brought to you by ArchVision.

There's more information available on the ArchVision Labs website.

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