Saturday, April 18, 2015

Roundup – New and Updated Revit Add-ins on Autodesk Exchange Apps for the Week of 3/29/2015


Quick Filter
Select elements from filter on parameters | AriCad | Trial

Owner Standards Check
A tool that checks models for formatting compliance | SouthEastern Technical Services, LLC | USD 50.00

Code Compliance
Two Tools to check Rated Doors and Rated Dampers in your project model | SouthEastern Technical Services, LLC | USD 30.00

Splashtop Streamer for Secure Remote 3D Graphics
Highest Performance, Secure Remote 3D Desktop solution (On-premise or cloud), optimized for NVIDIA Quadro and AMD FirePro. Remote access your 3D workstations from any device (mobile + PC/MAC) | Splashtop | Free

Ericom Blaze
Ericom Blaze RDP compression and acceleration delivers up-to 10x faster display performance of graphics-rich content.This is the 64bit version | Ericom Software | Trial

Lic-Report Free
Displays who is using network licenses of Autodesk products, including Autodesk® Vault® | BASIC d.o.o. | Free

Scope Box Reorder
Quickly reorders all or selected scope boxes in the project so the list in properties is ordered | Omnia Revit | Free

Fuzor BIM Solution
Fuzor BIM Solution allows you to analyze, validate, measure, communicate and annotate with direct or indirect linkage to your Revit file for finding and fixing BIM-related issues quickly and easily | Kalloc Studios Asia Limited | USD 200.00/Month

Fuzor Design Synergy
Fuzor Design Synergy offers you a real-time integrated design tool that allows different options for material changing and editing fixtures while communicating with your clients or colleagues | Kalloc Studios Asia Limited | USD 200.00/Month


Wall Rasteriser
Define your grid with detail lines and Wall Rasteriser creates your horizontal and vertical reveals on the fly | H1 Information Modeling e.K. | USD 1.99

This app is used to sequentially number objects by clicking on them. Supports numbering with prefix or suffix into any text based parameter | Archisoft | USD 1.99

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