Saturday, May 9, 2015

Revit Express Tools Now Support Revit 2016! Schedule XL Added to BIM Project Suite!

From the CAD Technology Center press release...

New Features with Revit Express Tools

  • BIM Project Suite, BIM Manager Suite and SuperDoor Configurator are all available for Revit 2016.
  • Ribbon buttons in each suite can now be grouped under two dropdown buttons for better ribbon management
  • The tab on which the ribbon buttons are placed can now be renamed, or the buttons can be hosted on the built-in "Add-Ins" tab
  • A "Videos" button has been added in each tool, which opens a playlist of videos created specifically for that tool
  • All tools now have "Request Feature" and "Report Bug" as choices on the main pulldown menu and in the "About" dialog

Schedule XL

  • Schedule XL, the latest addition to BIM Project Suite, allows you to create schedule views from one or more worksheets in a spreadsheet
  • These schedules can then be easily placed onto one or more sheets
  • Schedule XL will also maintain a link to the original spreadsheet document and update the schedule(s) if the spreadsheet changes

Upgrade & Download Information

If you're already using a Revit Express Tools suite, you can download the latest version which supports Revit 2016 for that suite by clicking on the "Download Latest Suite Installer" button on the "About" dialog in any one of the tools.

Trial downloads: Premium tools function for 14 days, Free tools function indefinitely.

There's more information available on the CAD Technology Center website.

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