Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Extend Design Intent to Detailing with SysQue for Revit MEP

Now you can extend design intent to detailing using SysQue intelligent data content for Revit MEP 2014. SysQue managed data content, powered by, enables designers and contractors to design in Autodesk® Revit® MEP with real-world, manufacturing-specific content that’s ready for fabrication, and helps meet MEP contractors’ detailing, fabrication, manufacturing, and installation requirements.

By creating a path from Revit MEP to Autodesk Fabrication 2014, contractors can take design-intent models from designers and engineers and efficiently create models that are built from the same, integrated managed content database, improving collaboration and workflows between design, detailing, fabrication.

Using SysQue, Revit MEP 2014 is enhanced to model systems with materials and sizes based on actual manufacturer products by name and part number. SysQue web services extend the Revit MEP BIM data to include material cost, labor values, submittal documents and procurement part numbers, and also includes Excel reporting – making your model data-rich and ready for a multitude of additional functions – including cost analysis, prefabrication, manufacturing and installation.

Revit MEP with SysQue services supports level of development (LOD) 300 and 400 as required to produce both construction and fabrication-level documentation.

SysQue™ Pipe enables real manufacturers‘ content to be modeled by designers and contractors in systems with construction and fabrication levels of development (LOD 300 and 400) including pipe connectivity, true cut length, fitting counts, and auto flanges. With SysQue, Revit MEP is able to support saddle taps on pipes. The associated PDF with specifications is also accessible directly in native Revit.

When you draw with SysQue Duct, you’re using industry verified* HVAC Duct Construction Standards, including Ductwork Pressure Classes, directly in Revit. SysQue also includes saddle taps and allows flat/round or round/round in one system. The associated PDF with specifications is also accessible directly in native Revit.

* TSI’s shop standards have been verified by the SMACNA Testing & Research Institute to the SMACNA/ANSI HVAC Duct Construction Standard – Metal & Flexible, 3rd edition.

SysQue Data is the data subscription module.  It is a Revit MEP Managed Content service that leverages a cloud SQL database of hundreds of thousands of MEP manufacturer components.

SysQue Data is managed and downloaded directly to the Revit MEP 2014 add-in application (SysQue Systems).  The managed content subscription service includes real manufacturer-specific Revit MEP 3013 content and sends update notifications when content is revised or updated by the manufacturer.

SysQue BOM creates a detailed BOM (bill of material) and exports the reports (labor values, material cost, procurement part numbers, etc.). directly from Revit MEP to Microsoft® Excel®.

The BOM is created to LOD 400 constructible definitions (suitable for fabrication and assembly) as defined by the AIA BIM standards. This service reports live directly from the cloud that is home to hundreds of thousands of line items. Revit families that need to flex more than one size require size-dependent values for weight, cost and install times. SysQue keys off a unique data ID, including size, to return detailed reports that export directly from Revit MEP with SysQue BOM to Excel.

SysQue Supports enables real manufacturers’ hangers and supports to be modeled in Revit MEP with accurate hanger rod lengths and structural attachments (beam clamps or inserts). The SysQue Supports add-in application includes output to Trimble MEP Total Station units and supports MEP or TFL file formats.

Hanger and supports are structure-aware and adjust hanger spacing and rod length based on structural beams versus the underside of the floor above.

A BIM first, SysQue Spool for Revit MEP allows modeling mechanical piping and plumbing to LOD 400, suitable for fabricating isometric spools directly in Revit MEP.  SysQue Spool is the fastest way to model piping systems in Revit MEP and divide them into pre-assembly modules for fast and safe on-site installation.  This easy to use “Select” and “Go” process has built-in spool management for color isolation and standard naming conventions makes isometric spool creation fast and accurate.  The intelligent interface automates sheet views, bill of material (BOM) schedules, component annotation and the dimensioning process.  Unlike the AutoCAD spooling (one DWG one spool), Revit MEP allows for true BIM spool sheets in one Revit mechanical model. SysQue Spool sheets integrate seamlessly with your iPad or Tablet using cloud solutions.

SysQue Premium Submittal Manager is an optional service that creates professional submittal documents built directly from the SysQue application (SysQue Systems) as provided by the cloud service before a single pipe, value for fitting or HVAC component is modeled. SysQue Premium Submittal Manager instantaneously produces PDFs for all Revit families in a company default system to be marked up and emailed for approval. Integration of company standards leads to faster approval time, stronger purchasing power and increased quality control.

There's more information available on the SysQue website.


  1. I am getting to spend some time with SysQue on a class project, I had some issues on my end getting started but Support fixed us up within hours. Training that was provided and the use of the resource center really knock down the learning curve. So far so good Updates to follow

  2. Thanks for your post Jeff! I look forward to hearing more!

  3. After about a week with SysQue I can tell you this is the direction to follow. To have everything in my workflow integrated in one software save's an amazing amount of time . No real problem's that weren't user related have arisen. SysQue is very easy to learn , and the database grows with every update. When my pipework is complete and coordinated it will be time to test the Spool, See you then for the next update

    1. Any comments on the spooling yet Jeff? Any difficulties with integration and setup?

  4. A new SysQue video was posted last week.