Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Free Project Expo for Revit Available Via Autodesk Labs

From Scott Sheppard's It's Alive in the Lab blog...

Autodesk Labs has a few kinds of technology previews. Project Expo is a Confidential Technology Preview that was not listed on the Autodesk Labs home page but is now going public in search of more project applicants. Users request to join the project, and the team grants access based on a variety of factors such as geographic diversity, type of user, etc. Users participate under NDA and cannot share results publicly.

When you are trying to communicate your architectural designs to your clients, sometimes drawings and videos just aren't enough. Having the ability to explore your design and communicate your design intent in a compelling real-time environment can significantly help tell your story and convey your message to your stakeholders.

Project Expo leverages Autodesk’s powerful new game engine, Stingray, and puts it to use for professionals in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. Our cloud service makes the conversion from BIM to real-time automatic and simple as the click of a button. If you are a Revit user, and this is something you would like to try, you can request to join the project.

Request participation.

We'd love to hear from Architects, who want to fit immersive visualization into their design process, to find out how we can make this technology better. We plan to keep improving it for the duration of the Technology Preview. You can reach us at or in the discussion forums available to participants on the project.

There's more information available on the Project Expo website.

Architectural immersion is alive in the lab.

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