Monday, July 27, 2015

Free Rhythm Package for Dynamo, with Some Keen Updates from RTC NA

"The girl's got rhythm – Rock 'n Roll rhythm!" AC/DC

How 'bout your Revit model, does it have Rhythm?

One of the really interesting things about Dynamo is its open-source nature. An active community means frequent updates. And, since Package Manager, built by Peter Boyer, was introduced in version 0.6.0, custom packages have proliferated. I've posted about a couple before, Mantis Shrimp, for Grasshopper and Dynamo interoperability, and Rhynamo, for Rhino and Dynamo interoperability. The common thread between these two is Rhino and, when I posted about these packages, Rhino got clicks. Nowadays, it's Dynamo that gets the clicks.

Clockwork is another package I've posted about previously.

As of this writing, there are 591 packages from 131 authors available from the Dynamo Package Manager. A few I've been aware of and meaning to post about. I enjoy Luke Johnson's seemingly daily posts on "what's cooking in the Bakery" over on What Revit WantsLunchBox, and DynamoSAP are a couple others that I've read about, at least in passing, and DynaWorks, for Navisworks and Dynamo interoperability, is one that I've definitely been planning to post about.

One of the packages that was not on my radar until I saw a tweet while monitoring RTC NA post-goings-on is Rhythm by John Pierson of 60 Second Revit. In his own post-RTC NA post, John added a node to make Revit parameter getting and setting from Dynamo NOT case sensitive.

Graph for Case Insensitive

Damn but that's clever...

He also added a node to get the percentage of glazing per wall direction.

Graph for Percent Glazing by Orientation

So, what else is in Rhythm? John has previously posted about using Dynamo to remove characters across entire sheet setsspell check sheet and view namesnumber Revit sheets (seemingly) identically, assign arrowheads across an entire Revit project, set upper text case for everything, select all structural framing at reference level, get level names of elements, automate graphic scales, and change text element case. These are just some examples of the 50+ custom Rhythm nodes, and, of course, Rhythm is free.

Text element case options

Prior to reading about Rhythm, I had planned to post about half a dozen other topics this evening. None were as cool as this though. Nice work John!

Stay tuned for upcoming posts about other Dynamo packages, and, in the meantime, visit 60 Second Revit for more on Rhythm for Dynamo.

"I think soon all architects will need to become programmers." - Marty Doscher of Synthesis and formerly of Morphosis, circa 2011



  1. Thanks for sharing on your site.

  2. You're welcome John! Thank you for your work!