Saturday, December 1, 2018

Product Roundup – GAMUT Family Library Tools

From the SPECtrumBIM website:

At SPECtrum we develop custom Revit apps to solve the problems faced by AEC Firms, Contractors and Building Product Manufacturers.

The newest endeavor in our quest to rethink content, GAMUT is more than just access to thousands of pieces of BIM content from within Revit… GAMUT works just like social media, but for increasing BIM productivity.

Search, configure, preview and load BIM content, all in a single step | Free

Lets the BIM manager organize and index content libraries so that the users can find it from inside of Revit using keywords and filters. Whether the files are local, network or even web based, users can find what they need without having to navigate through endless directories and subfolder | Free

Search, configure, preview and load BIM content, all in a single step – ad free | US $4.00/month or $40.00/year

Uniquely designed to aid in parameter management tasks that are just too complex to be done manually, GAMUT|PARAMETERS can be employed to change specific family parameters, or add parameters to an entire library. GAMUT|PARAMETERS can be used to update, delete and deploy parameters in batches, or export SP files. GAMUT|PARAMETERS also features a unique schema tool, which allows you to assign multiple parameters to entire classes of objects | US $15.00/month or $99.00/year

Managing updates to an entire library of BIM content shouldn’t be a daunting task and isn’t always the job of the BIM Manager. With GAMUT|MINION, now it doesn’t need to be. With an easy to use spreadsheets, you can make wholesale, library-wide changes with the click of a mouse. There’s no longer a reason to open every family to add, remove or replace parameters and values. In addition to Managing Family Types and all the data within them, GAMUT|MINION also contains the GAMUT|PARAMETERS tools, allowing you to add, remove and replace parameters with ease | US $29.00/month or $249.00/year

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I have been working with Steve [Faust, Architect, NCARB, of SPECtrumBIM and Revolution Design] on programming projects for over a year now, and I can’t imagine working with anyone else. Aside from simply generating a high quality product, Steve’s background in design, Revit, and the industry makes working with him a collaboration. I don’t feel lost simply trying to explain “it needs to do this” to a programmer who doesn’t know the work I do; as soon as I start talking about what is needed, Steve understands and offers great feedback and ideas and brings excellent insight to what I need to accomplish and how to accomplish it.

Jason Kunkel / Cadd Microsystems

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