Wednesday, February 6, 2019

IfcSpaceZoneBoundaries – Retrieve Spaces and Zones and Their Boundaries From Linked IFC Files

From GitHub:


Revit C# .NET add-in to retrieve IFC spaces and zones and their boundaries.

Once tested and running, this add-in will be re-implemented as a Forge Design Automation for Revit app for use in the final workflow described below.

As described by The Building Coder discussing how to retrieve linked  IfcZone  elements using Python, IFC rooms and zones are represented by  DirectShape  elements equipped with custom shared parameters. These elements are generated when an IFC file is linked into a Revit project, however not when it is imported.

IfcSpaceZoneBoundaries retrieves the IFC rooms and zone elements generated by linking in an IFC file and exports a CSV file listing them, their relationships and boundaries as described below.

Room and Zone Properties

Room properties:
  • IfcExportAs = IfcSpace.INTERNAL
  • IfcGUID = 2QZ$T4_uPCWPddxgtStT47
  • IfcName = CHA
  • IfcPresentationLayer = M-AREA-____-OTLN
  • IfcPropertySetList = "Pset_SpaceCommon";"BI_Parameters";"BaseQuantities"
  • IfcZone = APT0102

Zone properties:
  • IfcExportAs = IfcZone
  • IfcGUID = 2QZ$2QZ$T4_uPCWPddxgtStT7A
  • IfcName = APT0102
  • IfcPresentationLayer =
  • IfcPropertySetList = "Pset_ZoneCommon";"BI_Parameters"
  • IfcZone =

There's more information available on GitHub »

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