Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Preparing an Add-in for Forge's Design Automation for Revit

From The Building Coder:

Preparing a Revit Add-in for Design Automation

By Jeremy Tammik
February 05, 2019

Today I discuss the next step in my IfcSpaceZoneBoundaries project.

This step deals with a completely different aspect than the previous discussions: how to prepare a Revit add-in for use in the DA4R or Design Automation for Revit environment, which entered public beta just last week.

I spent a considerable part of last weekend getting the DA4R version ready for testing, and figuring out how to best handle it in the VS solution:

Context, Add-In Functionality and History

First, let's reiterate and update description of the architecture and data flow.

The add-in functionality that we wish to make use of in the DA4R environment consists in opening a Revit file, extracting the room and zone data stored in it and saving that to CSV.

The Revit document is actually an  .ifc.RVT  file created by the IFC linking-in process, currently executed on the desktop.

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