Thursday, May 9, 2013

Free Add-in Wizards for Revit 2014 from The Building Coder

Over on his exceptional The Building Coder blog, Jeremy Tammik has released updated versions of his Add-in Wizards for Microsoft Visual Studio, C# and VB versions.

Jeremy also details usage of his wizards and provides links to previous posts about the same.

From Jeremy's post today:

"I can simply install the wizard zip files in the appropriate locations, start up Visual Studio, create a new C# or VB Revit add-in project using the wizard default settings, and immediately hit F5 to start up Revit.exe in the debugger.

"Revit is started up, my add-in is automatically loaded, and I am able to click on my new external command in the External Tools menu to test it immediately without having entered even one single byte of code myself.

"The new command even executes in zero document state, although the default external command skeleton implementation throws an exception trying to access a property on the current UI document, which is null. It shows you that everything is working correctly right away, though."

There's more information available on The Building Coder blog.

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