Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Tools Added to PPI's Revit Briefcase

The PPI Group's Revit Briefcase (which I previously blogged about here) is a series of add-ins for Revit® Architecture, Structure and MEP.  The Briefcase is able to extend the capabilities of the Revit® project in various key areas.  They are easy to use and make working with Revit® easier and more effective.

New! Data Link

Gives the user the ability to export Revit Data out to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. In Return, you can import the Excel spreadsheet back into the Revit project model.

New! Select by Category and/or Type

Gives the user the ability to select Revit elements by their Category or Type within the project or current view.

New! Quick Category Toggle On/Off Tools

Now you can use the Quick On/Off category toggle buttons for Revit Elements such as Component, Elevation, Floor, Wall, Curtain Panel, Grid, Level, Reference Plane, Room Separator, Section and Tag.

New! Create Assembly Views

Gives the user the ability to create assembly views based on view orientation. Then places them on a user specified Titleblock and spacing.

There's more information available on the PPI Group website.

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