Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Revit 2014 SDK Samples

Over on his The Building Coder blog, Jeremy Tammik has posted a list of new samples that have been added to the Revit 2014 SDK. From Jeremy's post...

The following samples were added:
  • DisplacementElementAnimation
  • DockableDialogs
  • DuplicateViews
  • ExtensibleStorageUtility
  • FreeFormElement
  • PostCommandWorkflow
  • ScheduleAutomaticFormatter
  • ScheduleToHTML
  • SinePlotter
  • Site
  • Units
  • WinderStairs

Another exciting addition is the Structural Analysis SDK, which includes several sub-directories providing extensive documentation and the following samples covering the new code checking API and other areas:
  • Concrete
    • CodeCheckingConcreteExample
    • ConcreteCalculationsExample
  • ExtensibleStorageDocumentation
  • ExtensibleStorageUI
  • ResultsInRevit
    • QueryingResults
    • StoringResults
  • SectionPropertiesExplorer

I wish you lots of fun and excitement and many new ideas exploring all of this!

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