Wednesday, March 4, 2015

CADdaddy Tools 2015 for Revit

From the Autodesk Exchange Apps website...

CADdaddy Tools 2015 is a productivity pack that includes a growing array of tools. For additional information on each tool visit  A trial copy is available at this app store. [To purchase a license for USD 9.99] visit

Export Families
What: Batch Exports selected non-system family to disk.
Why:  Revit can export all families to files and also individual families to file. But it cannot export a particular selection and it cannot organize them into folders by category.
Features: Can organize categories into separate folders. Select individual families or groups using tree selection.

Renumber Items
What: Powerful renumbering tool. Renumbers almost anything in the order selected or all at once with directional sweep.
Why: Renumbering Revit items is a pain!!!
Features: Suffixes, prefixes, user increments, integer and alpha sequences, case matching, renumbers types and instances.

Renumber Doors
What: Renumbers all doors in project based on room number
Why: Revit does not include the to Room or From Room number as a parameter that can be included in the door tag. Since many architects like to number doors based on room number this program eases the medium of renumbering the doors manually.
Features: Can change which room to associate. Great formatting features.

Hide in Views
What: The Hide in Views tool can hide or unhide elements or categories from all the views that you select.
Why: Revit allows you to hide elements/categories in the current view but sometimes you want to hide elements/categories in many (or all) views.
Features:  Tree selection allows immediate selection of entire categories, current view shown bold.

Associate Parameters
What:  Quickly and easily associates nested family parameters. When creating complex families this tool gives the user unprecedented control over parameter associations within nested families.
Why: Revit only allows you to associate parameters one type at a time. This is a time consuming task and error prone because the user may make the association for the current type but may forget to make the association for all the rest of the types. With the Associate Parameters tool you can associate all your nested parameters in a single dialog and also see at a glance if any associations are incorrect or missing.
Features: Resizable grid so you can see all family types and their parameter at once. Optionally you can automatically apply changes to all family types every time you make changes.

Toggle Reference Planes
What: Turns on/off the visibility of Reference Planes in the current view.
Why:  Reference planes are necessary to create a highly flexible model. But sometimes they (visually) get in the way and it's nice to just turn them off. Now reference planes can be turned off with the touch of a button and turned back on just as easily.

There's more information available on the Autodesk Exchange Apps website.

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