Thursday, July 18, 2013

BIM Project Suite 2014 from CTC - Includes 4 New Tools!

BIM Project Suite


BIM List is a content management solution providing the ability to sort, search and leverage your families more effectively.
  • Locate and insert families into a Revit project
  • Search parameter data using filters
  • Administrative controls help enforce company standards

Detail Link automates the process of linking AutoCAD DWG details for use in the Revit project environment.
  • Reduce errors and ensure consistency
  • Save time by automating an otherwise manual process

Project Link is an easy and customizable system for finding and organizing documents from inside the Revit interface.
  • Make important documents and hyperlinks accessible from within Revit
  • Locate and group all families that have a hyperlink associated with them
  • Both administrative and user interfaces are provided

Renumbering provides a fast and simple way to renumber your rooms and doors.
  • Auto-swapping avoids duplicates
  • Alphanumeric sequential numbering
  • Add separators and suffixes to room and door numbers

PREMIUM - includes Standard

New!  Fire Rating assists in the creation of life safety plans.
  • Assign and review wall fire ratings
  • Generate floor plan graphics based on line type and tag mappings
  • Quickly regenerate graphics when the model changes

New!  Spreadsheet Drafter will import a spreadsheet into a drafting view in Revit.

  • Draws information found in a spreadsheet as lines and text in drafting views

New!  Spreadsheet Link exports data from Revit elements to a spreadsheet where the data can be easily edited and then loaded back into Revit.
  • Edit parameter values using powerful spreadsheet functions
  • Utilize staff that does not have Revit
  • Spreadsheet functionality is available within the add-in.  No Microsoft® Excel® license is needed. 
  • Spreadsheets can be saved to and loaded from many common formats, including Microsoft Excel.
ULTIMATE - includes Standard and Premium
COBie2 Link helps your Revit documents adhere to the standards of COBie2 and minimizes the time required for creating project handover data.
  • Parameter creation
  • Schedule creation
  • Bi-directional parameter mapping with Microsoft Excel

New!  Room Family Manager enables defining, maintaining and validating the family content of each room using room type definitions.
  • Build room type definitions in a spreadsheet
  • Build room type definitions from existing Revit rooms
  • Automatically place family content in your model based on room type assignments
  • Validate that rooms in your model contain required families

There's more information available on the CAD Technology Center website.

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