Friday, July 12, 2013

Scenario Virtual Project Delivery

The Ultimate Collaboration Solution for the AEC Industry

Scenario Virtual Project Delivery (VPD) is a software solution that dramatically streamlines the collection, distribution, analysis, and storage of design projects and Building Information Modeling (BIM) data. Our cross-platform system accelerates the production workflow by connecting the entire project team together while minimizing the risk and improving efficiencies by delivering and receiving the correct data, at the right time. 

VPD (Platform)
Integrate People. Process and Data.

Access your data in real-time and get complete visibility of your projects and your organizational team.  Direct and manage your project data intelligently.  Easily manage the complexities of today's projects with our Asset Management and Organizational Process.
  • Easy to use, easy to learn
  • Maintenance free technology
  • Manage all of your data assets
  • Track, log, associate, view and manage files with SmartFile technology
  • Map and track processes
  • Customizable workflows to match your process
  • Automated recording of history revisions
  • Controlled visibility of data across the project team
  • Project setup by scope of work
  • Define roles and responsibilities by company/scope of work
  • Manage scope assignments, work breakdowns, permissions, and securities from anywhere, anytime.
  • Easy file transfer between you and the central data center.

+BIM (Plug-ins)
Communication. Collaboration. Control.

VPD+BIM.  Better Together.  Manage your projects with the revolutionary VPD software.  Scenario VPD+BIM software combines intelligent data management while allowing an exchange of information between BIM's authoring software.
  • Organizational Management by establishing roles, responsibilities and permissions.
  • Process Management through workflowsRoute and review tasks through work tickets which can be sent from Revit to a team member working in software packages such as AutoCAD, Naviswork or vice versa.
  • Visibility of data to all permissible project members
  • Plug-in to existing state-of-the-art AEC software
  • Contribute your BIM & data to the cloud in real-time
  • Query all objects in a file or across multiple project files to create a searchable database that can be filtered by object type, trade, etc.
  • Complete visibility to the development, changes and questions of the portfolio, project or model
  • Attach/associate a wide range of information including sketches, material data-sheets, inspection records, etc., to the 3D model
  • Perform model-based takeoffs
  • Analyze data for trends and efficiencies

There's more information available on the Scenario VPD website.

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