Monday, November 9, 2015

Greenlee BendWorks Add-in for Revit

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BendWorks™ allows users to detail conduit runs using conduit sizes and types that correspond to Greenlee benders. Existing Autodesk® Revit® files may be imported and converted to Greenlee conduit families, or users may manually layout new conduit runs using Greenlee built-in parameters.

Conduit runs may then be processed using BendWorks™ splitting tools. Segmentation of conduit can start from either the beginning or end of a run, or it may be automatically chosen to optimize which method is better for eliminating cuts. Upon segmenting the run, couplings are auto-inserted, and unique identification marks are assigned to each segment. Segment lengths default to 10 feet, but this may be manually overridden.

Built-in error checking functionality based on Greenlee benders includes:
  • Auto-ranging of conduit diameters
  • Minimum bend radii
  • Back-to-back bend minimum distance
  • Tail-end minimum distance
  • Segmented bends for concentric bends
  • Electrical code checking – maximum 360° of bends per run

BendWorks™ outputs critical data on each conduit segment, such as size & type, bender assigned, and locations of bends, into .CSV files. These files may be electronically transferred to programmable Greenlee benders (1055 AutoBend 3D & 855GX) to ensure accuracy in fabrication. For traditional, non-programmable benders, conduit segment data may be output into .TXT files that can be printed and used as a comprehensive guide to correctly mark and bend each piece.

List of compatible Greenlee benders:
  • 1055 AutoBend 3D*
  • 855GX**
  • 854DX
  • 555C
  • 555CX
  • 555DX
  • 555
  • 855
  • 854
  • 853
  • 881
  • 882

* denotes programmable, automatic bender

** denotes programmable bender

About This Version
Version 1.1, 10/1/2015
Bug fixes to multi-split tool

Greenlee BendWorks is brought to you by Greenlee Textron Inc. This is a 30-day free trial version. According to Greenlee's website, licenses are priced at 5,995.00 USD. There's more information available on the Autodesk App Store.

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