Sunday, February 28, 2016

Free Polantis API – In-App Access to Free Revit Content

From the Autodesk App Store...

Founded in France in 2008, Polantis was one of the first companies to understand the rapid technological changes and change of method due to the arrival of BIM in the world of AEC manufacturing. With hundreds of thousands of AEC professionals subscribed from 164 countries, a multitude of CAD & BIM objects created in nearly 30 different formats, Polantis is a world leader in CAD & BIM creation for AEC professionals.

The Polantis application permits a direct connection from Autodesk® Revit® to a huge object and texture database hosted on dedicated servers and in the cloud, all in .rvt and .rfa formats. It’s a great time-saver allowing AEC professionals to concentrate on what’s most important - conception and planning.

About This Version
Version, 2/22/2016: Download objects in .rvt and .rfa formats directly from Revit in one click staying on the same window. Sort and access objects by manufacturer Sort and access textures by manufacturer Access object data and information online directly from an object in Revit. This includes critical manufacturer data, updates, contact details, norms etc. Access Polantis homepage and last consulted object page

The free Polantis API add-in is brought to you by Polantis. There's more information available on the Autodesk App Store.

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