Saturday, February 6, 2016

Setout Point Coordinate

From the Autodesk App Store...

This App allows the scheduling of X, Y, and Z coordinates of any given point of a site, project, building, an object or an element.

You place instances of a “Setout Point Marker” family to the points where the coordinates should be exported and scheduled. This family definition contains shared parameters to hold the data required for scheduling.

The app will then automatically extract the relevant X, Y & Z coordinates of given points from the model and populate the “Setout Point Marker” families parameters with the value. They can be formatted and placed on a drawing sheet.

This app provides a 15 days trial period with full functionality.

About This Version
Version 1.0.1, 1/20/2016
Updated release

The Setout Point Coordinate add-in is brought to you by Theptech. The price was not known at time of publication. There's more information available on the Autodesk App Store.

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