Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Anticipation: 6 New Apps from MEPcontent

Editor's Note: MEPcontent has created an app pilot user group. Members gain access to up to 6 new apps, as detailed below.

From the MEPcontent website:

Product Line Placer for Valves 

The PLiP valves gives you access to localized valves of leading manufacturers. Choosing a valve is easy through the relevant filters and search box. Another highlight of the app is the placing functionality, valves can be placed in open space or  on a pipe. When the valve is placed on a pipe, the system stays connected and the right fittings are added.

Bendable support pipe works apps 

Drawing flexible pipes with plain Revit is a tough job.  The MEPcontent Product Line Placer for Piping introduces a new way (what we call ‘bendable pipes’) to draw flexible piping systems that will improve your productivity tremendously.

Ostendorf Product Line Placer for Sanitary Systems

The app is used to draw sewerage/sanitary systems of the brand Ostendorf. Ostendorf produces sewerage pipes & fittings. You can draw a system with autorouting, in this case the necessary fittings will be placed by Revit automatically. You can also place elements separately, such as an access piece.

Mitsubishi Electric System Designer 

The first phase of the Mitsubishi Electric System Designer enables access to the products of Mitsubishi which are now on The app is available for Revit and AutoCAD.

The engineer can use filters and the search bar to find the desired products

Stabiplan Electrical Schematics

The Stabiplan Electrical Schematics app will enable you to create a schematic for all your Revit systems. Choose the panels to create the schematic for and with just one click a drafting view with a schematic will be created for you. In the schematic, the panel and its connected elements are mapped to the correct project levels and detailed information about the connected elements will be displayed; for example: family name, space name and space number.

Stabiplan MEP openings

Stabiplan Openings for MEP can be used to generate openings in your walls and floors for pipes, ducts, cable trays and conduits. It is possible to place openings manually or automatically based on a selection. Openings can also be (automatically) combined. In the Openings Monitor you have a clear overview of the placed openings and information about those openings (e.g. dimensions, status, host). You can also generate a request which can be sent to the structural engineers so that he can approve or decline the opening requests using the free add-in for structural engineers.

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There's more information available on the MEPcontent website.

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