Tuesday, January 16, 2018

All New CL3VER Presenter

From the CL3VER website:

Model to 3D interactive presentation in no time

Real-time, dynamic, interactive presentations to increase productivity in AEC, building design and construction

Deliver dynamic interactive 3D presentations to clients and other stakeholders to better explain, design, plan, share and sell ideas, products, and projects.

Quickly and easily turning your 3D models into a 3D slide presentation

What is CL3VER Presenter?

An interactive 3D presentation tool that lets users create multi-step and multimedia custom presentations for use online, offline and in VR.

What 3D applications does it support?

Revit, 3ds Max, Sketchup and Rhino

What makes it unique?

Very simple to use, CL3VER Presenter gives you an alternative to static presentations, offering an intuitive way to import your 3D model, share it in the cloud, and walk through with added information such as text panels and images.

  • No need to do any additional work within CL3VER; CL3VER Presenter matches your model setup
  • Embed external content and easily create menus and guided tours
  • Update a model with one click; Once you finish your model, you can overwrite the 3D information and maintain your presentation setup, without having to go through the whole process again.
  • Save and share presentations offline or via a web browser without the need for additional software or plugins; those outside your   office can easily view and interact with your presentation
  • Real-time rendering
  • BIM Support for Revit and V-Ray Scene Setups from 3ds Max
  • Dynamic Daylight, raytraced reflections, global illumination, physically based materials
  • Conceptual to photoreal visualization styles
  • Free Navigation and Camera transitions
  • One click virtual reality

Check out more features.

Does it work within my existing workflow?

Yes. With one click, CL3VER Presenter will intuitively match your 3D scene information from your 3D modeling application, instantly visualizing it in a real-time 3D environment. It matches all cameras, materials, lights, and geometry, making it integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

Follow these simple steps to create a presentation in just 5 minutes.

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FREE DOWNLOAD FOR Autodesk 3ds Max



Pricing for CL3VER begins at US $36.00/user/month.

There's more information available on the CL3VER website.

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