Sunday, January 14, 2018

Revizto v4.6

From the Revizto website:

Revizto 4.6 is now live!

December 14, 2018

Revizto 4.6 is packed full of new features and major improvements that make Revizto easier to use and much more capable as an issue tracking platform. The biggest update is the support of Revit Coordinate Systems – most awaited and asked feature that we are now happy to offer our users with this new release!

What’s new in Revizto 4.6:
  • Support of Revit native coordinate systems during export: When working with Revit data you can now export to your Revizto project in all the native Revit coordinate systems. This option is selected during the export process, and allows the flexibility of exporting to desired project coordinates other than shared. Choices are:
    • By Shared Coordinates
    • Origin to Origin
    • Project Base Point to PBP
  • Intelligent Issue Positioning: Issues created in Revizto will intelligently update their own positions during a coordinate shift or coordinate system change, allowing the user to change or alter coordinate values without having issues appear out of place.
  • 2D Ruler: The Ruler can be accessed from the top tool bar in the 2D tab or Revizto. This tool will allow you to create measurements on 2D sheets and then will allow you to generate an issue using the dimensions as the basis for the markup.

Important Compatibility Note! Previous versions of Revizto (4.5 and earlier) are not fully compatible with the new functionality of Revizto 4.6. Please be aware that the project once synced using the latest version can only be opened in version 4.6. Those users who remain on older versions of Revizto (4.5 and earlier) will not be able to open the project synced using 4.6. Therefore, to avoid compatibility problems please make sure all your team members update to the latest version 4.6 simultaneously.
We hope you’ll love this new version and invite you to give it a try right away!

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