Monday, April 9, 2018

DynaBleau: Dynamo + Tableau

From the Kyle Morin website:

Now in the wild is the easiest and fastest way to get your Revit Data directly into Tableau and begin visualizing immediately!

Before DynaBleau:
  • structure your Revit data schema either in schedules or in dynamo lists.
  • write out the normalized schema to either CSV or SQL dumps
  • Open Tableau
  • Connect to Data
  • Create linked relations within Tableau
  • Build your worksheet.

With DynaBleau:
  • Run Definition
  • Open TDE extract in Tableau
  • Build your worksheet

Current Nodes available:
  • AllFamilyInstances: Grabs all family instances in your project, writes out [ElementId, Category, Type Name]
  • AllViews: Gathers all views in your project and relevant information [ViewType, Discipline, Scale, Display Style, etc.]

  • ElementsOfCategory: Supply a list of elements by Category and parse out all available parameter values

More nodes are being developed and will be added very soon. The ability to define and curate what parameters/data are included TDE files are paramount.


There's more information available on the Kyle Morin website.

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