Sunday, October 27, 2013

Autodesk Recap - Image-based Modeling and Point Cloud Software for 3D Laser Scanning

Reality capture software for 3D documentation

Capture and integrate reality directly into your design process with ReCap™ reality capture software. ReCap point cloud and image-based 3D modeling software and services work seamlessly with Autodesk design and creation suites, so you can start your design with accurate dimensions and full photo-quality context rather than a blank screen.

Features for ReCap Photo

Photo scan software for image-based modeling

Create high-quality textured 3D mesh models and point clouds from photos for digital or physical use with ReCap Photo, an advanced professional-grade service. Capture and upload photos into this cloud service where you can automatically stitch them together to create an image-based model, as well as add survey points or known distances for improved precision.

Features for ReCap Pro

Point cloud software for 3D laser scanning

ReCap Pro point cloud software delivers a powerful reality capture workflow for 3D laser scanning. Cut project time by more than 50% without compromising data accuracy. Easily process point clouds in the field with targetless registration and open scanner support.

ReCap Pro is included in Autodesk design suites, including Building Design Suite.

There's more information available on the Autodesk Recap website.

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