Sunday, October 27, 2013

Keynote Manager Version 12.5 from Revolution Design Features Major Improvements


  • The settings module has been revamped to make it easier for BIM managers to deploy default settings to their users..
    • All settings are stored in a simple location in xml and automatically upgrade from version to version.
    • Settings can be deployed completely, partially, or not at all by a BIM manager. Settings not deployed will revert to default values when the program is first run.
  • Floating (network) licenses are now supported.
  • Keynote Watcher has been replaced by Keynote Manager +.
    • Keynote Manager editing directly inside of Revit on a palette.
    • Palette can be positioned, flipped, collapsed, or hidden as desired and all settings are remembered from session to session.
    • Correct keynote file for the current Revit project is automatically displayed.
    • Key value changes in the file automatically update corresponding key values in Revit elements to avoid broken key links.
  • Watcher notification system has been updated and stabilized.
  • Revit 2014 is now supported.
  • Pressing Shift-Enter when editing a description now temporarily overrides automatic casing.

The Keynote Manager may be downloaded from the Revolution Design website.

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