Sunday, October 27, 2013

Free View Depth Override Macro for Autodesk Revit

From the Point Revit blog...

For some time now I've become interested closer to the world of customization through the implementation of the Revit API.

One of the first commands I'm working on is the Depth View or Override automatic replacement of the projection lines of the objects as a function of depth of field of vision.

The concept is simple: to section or elevation views, you set the depth of view and you run the command. The depth of view is divided into three sections (foreground, middle and background), are made of graphic overrides (gray 128 for the intermediate sector and 192 gray for the background color) to simulate the depth of view.

The command is executed even if there are no objects in the foreground, then the position of the view relative to the model actually has relevance to the final outcome.

At the moment it does not work for linked files and a command of type "fire and forget" that runs once and then does not automatically update if there are changes in the model, but do not rule action can be taken to eliminate these drawbacks.

If you are interested I can post the command but I have to test it first on subsequent releases, given that I do it more for passion and do not intend to become a programmer :)

Bravo Paul!

The source code for this macro is available here.

Credit: Luke Johnson's What Revit Wants blog.


Paolo Emilio Serra said...

Thanks Tim for posting my macro on your blog!

Tim Grimm said...

You're welcome Paolo. Great job!

Travis said...

Can you explain how to use the macro for someone who is not familiar with running code macros?

Tim Grimm said...

Travis: Please contact Paulo through his point Revit blog at