Sunday, October 27, 2013

KiwiCodes Family Browser Now Fully Integrated with the Revit UI

"Family Browser is now fully integrated into Autodesk Revit 2014 software.

"Users now have the ability to run Family Browser in 'Classic Mode', as per the existing Family Browser floating mode, or have it docked within the Autodesk Revit user interface.

"Running Family Browser in the docked state integrates Family Browser seamlessly into the UI, which can then be docked left,right, top, bottom and as a tabbed item along with the Project Browser etc.  Family Browser will start-up automatically on Revit start and remember the previous position and state it was in.

"Our studies have shown that users are far more likely to use an application if it is always open and even more so if they don't even realise they are using an external application.

"We have had some reports from testers that their users are so happy that finally Revit has a built in Family Browser."

This add-in may be downloaded from the KiwiCodes website.

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