Sunday, October 27, 2013

eVox Parametizer Add-in for Autodesk Revit - Manage Parameters from Excel

From eVox Elettronica & Pc comes the eVox Parametizer Add-in.

"Evox Parametrizer is a tool for Autodesk  ® Revit  ® BIM 2014 aimed at modelers and managers who want to enhance the functions of Revit® integrating them with excel. The tool has been designed mainly to automate procedures and allow you to connect an excel sheet to the setting of families, walls, floors and roofs.

"After installation you will see a new menu in the tabs of Autodesk  ® Revit  ®  that will allow you to connect an excel sheet with a few simple clicks. Starting from a simple spreadsheet you can create new family types by setting parameters in an automatic and, if you have to modify the file, you will also be able to update the information contained in the family at any time.

"Evox Parametrizer also puts at your disposal a number of features that will allow you to extrapolate from Autodesk  ® Revit  ®  all information about walls, floors and roofs enabling you to import them into another project or to modify them simply by filling out an excel sheet."

The eVox Parametizer add-in may be downloaded from the Autodesk Exchange Apps website, the free trial version here and the licensed USD 35.00 version here.

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