Wednesday, October 1, 2014

BIMiTs Content Admin Kit for Revit (Updated)

From the BIMiTs website...

Installed alongside BIMiTs Extensions for RevitBIMiTs® Content Admin Kit are a series of advanced tools to manage the parameters of your families and projects. It consists of a number of Management tools such as: Parameter Manager and Calculated Parameters.

With the Calculated Parameter tools you are able to define specific formula-based rules to define automatically the value of almost every editable parameter in your model, based on a selection, category, filter, … It allows you to read the values of host or room elements and write it into your hosted element.

Manage Calculated Parameter

Manage Calculate Parameter

Manage Calculated Parameter

Update 10/2/2014: There's a very timely and thorough article about BIMiTs Content Admin Kit in October's AUGIWorld (on Page 6).


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