Saturday, October 11, 2014

SUPER RFI Add-in for Revit

From Moustafa Khalil's website...


In Site Architects’ practical life, Contractors study construction drawings and commence progressing that on Site and convert paper line works (Design Drawings) come to life. No body is perfect,some mistakes are found by contractor in design drawings for example, as built conditions doesn’t match a part of architectural design, while other mistakes are taken by contractor, where he miss understand the Construction/Design documents and execute to a wrong direction. These scenarios are recorded in a document, called (RFI=> Request for Information) seeking a solution from designers.

What is RFI?

It is a process used by contractor or Site Architects where they seek a clarification of some discrepancies between Construction documents and Design documents.Generally, this RFI is considered as an official document to record a problem on Site and to record answers by Architects “Designer” and all are managed under Project Management.

So What is in my mind?

Binding technologies together can do magic. This tool is a quite different that any other tool I previously written. I tried here to bind Mobile technology with Revit. It was a good experience to see how other stuff works. This new tool was tested on Android systems version 4.0 not yet sure about lower versions of Android compatibility. Enough introduction let’s get to the main point.

About the Tool:

This tool will help increasing the communication between Revit Designers and Site Engineers. Simply, When Site Engineer on his daily Site walk, he catches some discrepancies that requires a clarification from Designer. So all he have to do is to open his mobile snap a photo, write his comments and click submit query. Revit designer will get this data on his computer where Revit automatically Creates a new view named RFI with the submit date from Site Engineer pointing to the the room where the photo is taken and adding a text Note with the comments from Site Engineer.

There's more information available on Moustafa Khalil's website.

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