Saturday, October 11, 2014

Export Revit Parameters to Excel Add-in

From Moustafa Khalil's website...

How it works:

  • When you hit the button tool the programme will trace all the available information of categories and all its relevant parameters. This gathering is recorded on a text file in the same Location of your Project file as a text file same name as you project but with extension txt.
  • This text file will be read each time you run the programme which will be enhance the speed of operation next time you
  • use this tool.
  • Another option in this tool is to gather information from other existing projects. This can be done by clicking on the
  • “Open Multiple Projects. (Explained below).
  • After you select all your project a total count of selected projects will appear under the said button. Sheet/Project, is to create a new Excel Sheet with the name of the project and to list all selected parameters and category inside. This option will be disabled if the number of projects is one.
  • Sheet/Category is to Create Excel sheet with the name of Category and list all parameters inside.
  • Include Header is to add header name for the Exported parameter. You can use this option if you want to continue on
  • existing excel sheet.
  • Existing Excel File Check box is to merge the exported data into an Existing Excel Sheet.
  • The following Box shows the Excel File name that will be used for merging. If this box is empty/disabled a new excel file will be create.
  • Worksheet is select an existing excel sheet from all available sheets in the existing excel file.
  • Start cell Location is to select where to start. Be aware, that Columns will start from number 4 even if you typed 1-3.

There's more information available on Moustafa Khalil's website.

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