Sunday, October 19, 2014

Align Road to Topo Add-in for Revit

From Moustafa Khalil's website...

About the Tool:

As promised, this is an extension to my previously developed tool “Align Topo to Road” but this one is completely opposite. In this tool you will Align Road to a Topography. in our real life we use road coordinates/Levels as a constrain to alter and grad topography, but may be we need this tool to draw a bumpy walking path over a mountain where we can assign a landscape stone material to.

How it works:

I have simplified the core code concept to allow the designer don’t think much and let him use the same understanding for Align Topo to Road. Please read explanation for Align Topo to Road here to get a background understanding of this tool.

A briefed tutorial:

Lets commence on a fast tutorial to experience the results of our tool. before before selected

  1. Create any shape of topography surface.
  2. Create a very simple Roof: Define slope property must be disabled “unchecked” Roof type is Foot print type The segments must be preferably of type ”Line or Arcs or Ellipses”, Spline can be used but might give you unexpected results.
  3. A new button will be appeared in ARCH4HUM Ribbon Panel at Geometry Panel named “Road Topo” click on it.
  4. A new dialog will appear seeking some tweaking

Watch Revit finishing the long hours of Adjustments… these are examples of what it can do. The image below shows the results of using the tool. For more detail please visit the below link for a video clip.

You may try this application via this link here.


At demo mode, you will not be able to save or save as or print or export your document. It would be highly recommended to save your work before you try. To release this restriction and to be able to commence all Revit functions normally, either to input your Activation Code or close current Revit document and reopen it

There's more information available on Moustafa Khalil's website.

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