Friday, August 2, 2013

Dynamo 0.5.3 Update

The development team behind Dynamo, the visual programming environment for BIM, are busy little bees and have released a couple of builds since I last posted about this product...


July 2013

  • XYZ Array on Curve returns a point on the end
  • Conditional node improvements
  • Copy Paste notes now works
  • Loft node fixes (now takes non-planar curves)
  • Reference Point by Normal and Distance
  • Fixes for Get Paramter node
  • fixed case sensativity issue with Forumla node
  • fixed crash with Create node from selection functionality
  • fixes for Drop and Take nodes
  • Angle node now saves properly
  • Removed lacing for Get and Remove from List nodes

  • Select Elements nodes (box select any collection of Revit Elements)
  • Search Bar is more expandable
  • Double Click edit for all editable nodes
  • Node Renaming (edit the visible name in a node instance)
  • Axonometric View Creation
  • New Tutorials on
  • Open Maipulate and Save Excel files
  • Save View node
  • e Node
  • Formula node recognizes Pi
  • Number node now supports sequences and range inputs
  • True for All and True For Any nodes
  • Tooltips for Custom Node inputs
  • Apply Function to List node
  • Remove from List, Remove Every Nth, Shift List Indeces nodes
  • Project Point on Face works for Planes now
  • Equal Distance XYZs on Curve node
  • Get Active View Node
  • Smooth Node (running average for a numberical output)
July 2013

  • UV Grid improvements
  • Particle System and Dynamic Relaxation improvements
  • Delete for notes
  • Formula node is now case insensitive
  • Watch and Watch 3d improvments
  • Zoom and workspace tabbing
  • Length node culture formatting
  • Fixed rectangle node
  • Custom node fixes
  • Multi-output node fixes

  • Structural Framing nodes
  • More List management nodes, Flatten changes, Repeat node
  • More Math Nodes
  • Node alignment tools
  • Best Fit Plane, Best Fit Arc
  • Number Slider state display
  • Last computed value is now displayed on nodes with mouse-over
  • Zoom state saved with workspaces
  • More nodes for using Analysis Visualization Framework (model coloring)
  • Color Nodes (Hue, Brightness, Saturation, etc)
  • Better node error state reporting
  • Curves Through Points node
  • Find Nodes from Selected Elements
  • Watch node shows index of list members
  • Tooltips in search

There's more information available on the Buildz blog.

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