Friday, August 2, 2013

Free Prescient® Design Standard for Structural Multi-Unit Design

Prescient® Design Standard enables an active geometric grid-based building layout that accepts Prescient’s proprietary light gauge panelized structural system.  The application makes multiunit building design faster and more efficient.

Prescient® structure is cost competitive with lumber and provides significant cost savings over concrete and other steel structural approaches. Prescient® is a fully integrated platform – from design through engineering to manufacturing.  Prescient® seamlessly integrates each step of the processes more efficient and cost effective.

Prescient® Design Standard integrates Prescient’s proprietary panelized structural system and produces a fully detailed structural model automatically. The model is a precise virtual replica of the building's structure; a powerful tool for BIM collaboration.

  • Prescient® SmartGrid tool streamlines the design process by snapping walls to precise grid locations
  • Automated creation of fully detailed structural model
  • Enables population of wall lines with Prescient’s proprietary structural system
  • Accurate and detailed structural take-off and pricing can be accomplished early in the schematic design phase
  • Enables Prescient project documentation generation 
  • Integrated with Prescient panel, floor truss, and column manufacturing process

There's more information on the 2014 version here and the 2013 version here.

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