Thursday, August 15, 2013

Xrev Transmit Add-in for Revit


From a company that has been using Revit on a daily basis since 2001 comes the most user friendly, efficient, reliable and accurate way to issue your Revit deliverables. Xrev Transmit transforms the tedious and redundant task of issuing drawings into a simple step by step process.

Increased Productivity

Spend less time worrying about the issue process! Simply select, set, check and issue. Xrev transmit does the rest. Have a cup of coffee or move onto the next project while Xrev transmit generates your selected deliverables in one process.

With features like:
  • Centrally managed settings
  • Simultaneous Printing & Exporting of multiple formats
  • In-built PDF support
  • Automatic File Naming
  • Predefined Output Locations
  • Customisable, automatically generated Word Transmittals
  • Aconex Integration (NEW!)

You'll wonder how you ever did without Xrev transmit.  

Quality Assurance

Traditionally, issuing of drawings is a process prone to human error. A boring and repetitive process that requires accuracy and precision in terms of ensuring files are named correctly, revision numbers are consistent and correct through the file names, titleblocks, and transmittal. Xrev transmit utilises all information directly from the Revit sheets themselves to populate the file name and transmittal ensuring consistency and correctness!

Easy Installation & Setup

All of these fantastic features are delivered through a very simple installation and setup process. Don't go through a painful process of having to setup special shared parameters, or trying to interpret complicated settings windows for every project. Xrev transmit has been built to maximise the in-built features of Revit such as the existing Revisioning toolset and all the inbuilt parameters for Revit Sheets and Project Information. Create company defaults and reuse them or use other projects as templates Xrev transmit does everything it can to avoid entering the same information more than once.

What does this mean?

Ease of use, quickly adapted for new projects, increased productivity!

Time Savings

Below we tracked the time savings of conventional Revit issuing workfows with Xrev transmit:


Issue 40 Revit sheets in A1 PDF, DWG 2004, A1 Plots and produce a transmittal ensuring to up all the revisions and all digital fle names are to have the following naming convention:


Manual Method   
Staff Time
Computer Time

Xrev Transmit Method**   
Staff Time
Computer Time

** Timings indicative only, and will vary based on numerous factors such as computer specifications and model complexity.

There's more information available on the Xrev Transmit website.

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