Thursday, August 15, 2013

MWF Pro Wall Add-in for Revit Structure (Updated – Retired)

Updated October 22, 2016 to mark as retired.

MWF Pro Wall automates the creation and placement of wood or light gauge steel wall panels in Revit®.

Users can now automate the creation of wood and light gauge steel wall panels directly within the Autodesk® Revit® environment. Wall openings, doors and windows are automatically detected and framed based on the user’s templates. Accurate member dimensioning, material take offs and shop drawings are now automated quickly and effectively.

MWF Pro Wall is available individually or as part of MWF Pro Suite, which is composed of MWF Pro Wall, MWF Pro Floor and MWF Pro Truss.

MWF Pro Wall Feature Summary
  • Framing propagation including opening framing with multiple options
  • Framing with both SSMA and proprietary building components, including CEMCO, MarinoWARE and iSPAN
  • Deflection tracks, kickers, and connectors
  • Bracing, nogging, straps, and equipment supports
  • Wall join definition
  • Auto-detection of walls, doors, windows and openings
  • Auto-detection of MEP clashes with walls and floors
  • Generates 2D shop drawings and cut lists
  • Auto-grouping of identical members and panels
  • Optional CNC output
  • ERP integration
  • Custom functionality available
  • Maximise your ROI with MWF Training
  • Available for Autodesk® Revit® Structure & Architecture 2012, 2013 and 2014

MWF Pro Wall Special Features

Clash Detection and Opening Creator

MWF Pro Wall performs automatic verification of clashes between walls, floors and ceilings against any combination of MEP objects, structural members and generic Revit® families. This unique features also has the capability to resolve clashes by automatically creating openings where required, and framing the openings (walls only) based on user defined rules. MWF Clash Detection checks for clashes across all linked software modules. 

Clash detection in Revit with MWF

Detail Selector

MWF Pro Wall’s built-in Detail Selector allows users to associate head of wall connection details to their 3D Revit® model, as well as to shop drawings and a master detail sheet for easier coordination on the job site.

Detail Selector in Revit with MWF

Wall Frame to Wall Frame Joint Creation Interface

MWF allows users to define framing at the intersection point of multiple walls and then automatically apply the same framing joint definition everywhere in the model where the same conditions apply.

Wall kickers in Revit with MWF

Drawing Production Engine

The new drawing production engine improves workflow and wall cleanup efficiency. Users can now define whole drawing templates, including number of views as well as scale and location on the drawing.  Dimensioning styles can be defined by section, and users can insert data in tabular format, such as a table of materials. Once a template is created, users can apply the template to many walls at once by highlighting the walls in the model.  The new Drawing production engine will have a significant impact on the drawing production process in terms of both speed and quality control, and consistency.

There's more information available on the StructSoft Solutions website.

This product has been retired by the manufacturer. For StrucSoft Solutions' current product list, see this article.

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