Friday, August 16, 2013

MWF Clasher Add-in for Revit (Updated – Retired)

Updated October 22, 2016 to mark as retired.

Save time & money with advanced clash detection.

Our newest and most anticipated extension, MWF Clasher, allows users to simultaneously detect multiple clashes with MEP, “no fly zones” and structural members with critical framing members. MWF Clasher identifies all hard and soft clashes within your project and generates a graphical report, giving the user ultimate control in the coordination process.

MWF Clasher is available for MWF Pro Wall & MWF Pro Floor. Satisfied clients include builders, contractors, engineers, fabricators, drywallers & modular builders.

Clash detection in Revit with MWF

There's more information available on the StructSoft website.

This product has been retired by the manufacturer. For StrucSoft Solutions' current product list, see this article.

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