Sunday, October 2, 2016

2017 [dp Stuff] Addins

From the dp Stuff website...

It is time to upgrade your [dp Stuff] Revit addins! All the addins were upgraded to the latest Revit version and are ready to be downloaded from Revit 2017 addins page.

dp Stuff Utils for Revit 2017 is a collection of time saver legacy addins upgraded for 2017 version:
  1. SheetCreationTool
  2. CleanupDraftingElements
  3. ChangeTextCase
  4. CopySelectionIds
  5. RemoveAreasRooms
  6. CropViewToSelection
  7. NumberStuffByDirection
  8. QuickViewAccess
  9. RemoveEmptyTags
  10. UpdateAreaCalcs
  11. WorksetExplorer
  12. ArchiSpeak

10.00 USD

Go get them!

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