Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Free Spec Exchange – Streamline Door Hardware Specification from Revit

From the Allegion website...

Door scheduling made simple
Specifying door hardware is time consuming work with lots of information back and forth between architects and specification writers. The risk of error—as well as the volume of change orders and call backs—increases every time information is entered and re-entered.

Until now.
Spec Exchange, a custom-developed Revit plug-in, streamlines the door scheduling process. The plug-in allows architects to export their door schedule directly to the specification writer, and then import the completed door schedule directly back into Revit.  It makes exchanging information as simple as printing a project manual. Once you generate the door schedule, you can export it in Revit to an Allegion specification writer, who then imports the door schedule into SpeXtra, our specification software. The specification writer creates the hardware sets and sends them to you for importing back into Revit—all without paper copies or re-typing. At that point, you have complete control of the information and can manipulate the data as needed.

Benefits and features
  • Spec Exchange transforms a long, manual process into a short, automatic one. By eliminating the need to type and re-type a door schedule, Spec Exchange:
  • Simplifies the specification process
  • Decreases errors
  • Reduces time spent preparing hardware specifications
  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Streamlines the door schedule process
  • Improves collaboration between architects and spec writers
  • Allows architects complete control of their attributes from start to finish

There's more information available on the Allegion website.

Monday, September 28, 2015

V-Ray for Revit Teaser Trailer

Like me, are you salivating for the release of V-Ray for Revit? To wet the appetite, here's a short teaser trailer from

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Detail Warehouse Launched in ArchVision's New Avail Content Management System

I had the pleasure of talking with Randall Stevens of ArchVision last week. He showed me ArchVision's new offering, Detail Warehouse, a collection of Revit drafting views and components inside of ArchVision's new Avail content management system. The drafting view content in Detail Warehouse was developed by ARCXL.

Randall took the time to drill down into Avail a bit for me. Avail, which is expected to be released as a standalone desktop application this fall, is content-type agnostic, and quite impressive; it provides a method to quickly drill down to and locate desired content.

From the ArchVision blog...

ArchVision has just released a new content subscription service called DETAIL WAREHOUSE. The DETAIL WAREHOUSE provides access to over 27,500 native Revit Drafting Views designed to kick-start or supplement your in-house Revit standards library. The collection is comprised of foundation, door, window and roof details representing 50 sub-categories of construction details. In addition, you’ll also have access to nearly 1000 Revit Components.

The goal of DETAIL WAREHOUSE is to provide you with an efficient starting point and ongoing complement to your own internal library. For only $499 per year you can access the entire reference library drawing on what you need, when you need it. Learn more at DETAIL WAREHOUSE.

Besides offering the most extensive collection of Revit Drafting Views available anywhere, access to the DETAIL WAREHOUSE is provided via ArchVision’s innovative new content management platform called AVAIL. Through AVAIL, DETAIL WAREHOUSE subscribers can access foundation, door, window and roof “Channels” and search and download content closely matching their needs. A Properties Panel presents high-resolution previews of each Drafting View. AVAIL let’s users browse or search the content in a Channel but also offers an innovative new way to find content we call “Panoply”.