Wednesday, February 22, 2012

IMAGINiT Clarity for Autodesk Revit Server

Built upon the Autodesk® Revit® Server platform, IMAGINiT Clarity enables better collaboration between Revit users (both inside and outside an organization). By using IMAGINiT Clarity you can control your Revit Server setup, automate repetitive tasks, and provide valuable data to non-Revit users – all with simple setup, easy administration and secure connectivity.

IMAGINiT Clarity for Revit Server provides:
  • Simple Setup
  • Security – work with internal and external partners with project-level and role-based security.
  • Project Reporting – real-time access to information and reports for non-Revit users
  • Task Automation – process on-demand or regularly schedule tasks
  • System Management

For more information, visit the IMAGINiT product website.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

RISA-Revit Link

Bi-directional compatibility between RISA-3D and/or RISAFloor and Revit Structure


Revit Structure users can now leverage the full power of Building Information Modeling by synchronizing their Revit Structure models with RISA-3D and/or RISAFloor. As an Autodesk Authorized Developer, RISA Technologies has created a full-fledged bi-directional exchange link with Revit Structure.

New models can be created in either Revit Structure or RISA software using the information available in the other program. All geometric and design information including materials, family instances, walls, slabs, openings, grid lines, boundary conditions, footings, loads and load combinations can be created/updated/deleted in either of the two programs using the information available in the other program.

The new exchange file method allows continuity of data flow throughout the exchange cycle. Users can add new elements and/or additional design to the RISA model and these changes will be retained in RISA while round-tripping.

The robust Excel based XML mapping file provides the capability to customize the processing of shapes, materials and load cases. A log file is created during every export/import operation giving a synopsis on the number of elements translated and errors/warnings encountered, if any.

For more information, visit the RISA Technologies product website.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Batch Plot & AutoExport for Revit

Automate printing/plotting and schedule unlimted dwg/dgn file extraction from Revit. 

Batch Plot & AutoExport tool for Revit automates printing/plotting on user-defined plot sets, and also automates the process of extracting AutoCAD and Microstation files directly from Revit. This application can be run manually on a single file or run on an unlimited number of Revit files. The settings and file locations are configurable, and the program can be set to operate on a user defined schedule.

For more information, visit the CAD Technology Center product website.

SuperDoor for Revit Architecture

Eliminate the need to create and maintain Revit door families.

By harnessing the powerful parametric capabilities of Revit software, SuperDoor empowers users to generate any door family imaginable. By using infinite variations of panel and frame configurations, Revit Architecture users can generate data-rich doors quickly and easily.  SuperDoor is the only door family you will ever need.

The SuperDoor system leverages the advanced parametric capabilities of Autodesk Revit software, and empowers users to generate virtually infinite variations of panel and frame configurations with Revit Architecture.

Consisting of four major families that can be inserted into a project, SuperDoor shares all frame and panel components that are selectively loaded into the project by Revit users. This allows the end user to choose panel and frame types on the fly, and immediately leverage those selections in their project.

With separate panel and frame components, users can easily customize frame and panel variations. By reusing these components, Revit project file sizes are greatly reduced.

Rather than having individual families loaded for each variation, when using SuperDoor only the parts need to be reloaded. This can decrease the family file size footprint within a Revit project by as much as 85%.

For more information, visit the CAD Technology Center product website.

Revit Family Processor

Save Time. Eliminate tedious updating of Revit families.

The Revit Family Processor empowers you to change, delete, and add Revit family materials and parameters to an entire content library in a matter of minutes. Eliminate the need to update every family individually. The Revit Family Processor is compatible with Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, and Revit MEP. Make consistent changes to materials and parameters throughout an entire library of Revit families without having to open each family.

Using a logical workflow, the Revit Family Processor empowers Revit users to manipulate Revit families by making consistent changes to materials and parameters in a short period of time. The Revit Family Processor can be used to update a single family, or apply your changes to an entire content library!


Now you can rapidly scan for and delete unwanted materials. Specify a list of materials, and the Revit Family Processor will search each family file you tell it to. If the materials are found, they will be deleted. You can also choose default materials to have added to family files, and gain comfort in knowing that each material will be added exactly the same way- without adding duplicates. Adhere to standards and correct materials by renaming, changing RGB settings, and modifying the transparency of materials. Add, delete and change materials all at once.

Revit Excel Link

Revit Excel Link allows you to round trip data between Revit and Excel. Now you can export data from virtually any Revit element out to Excel to identify and correct mistakes and inconsistencies, create custom reports, perform complex calculations, and utilize staff that does not have Revit experience. Use Excel to manipulate Revit data, and then bring that data back into Revit. For example, Revit Excel Link is very beneficial when working with room and space properties.

Update: Revit Excel Link is now Spreadsheet Link, part of  CTC BIM Project Suite.

Free Revit Family Tools

Revit file management tasks made easy.

The Revit Family Tools program allows for easy Revit file management in the 2011 and 2012 versions of Revit software.
Best of all - it's free! The tools included in this program are:

Delete Backup Files - This allows Revit’s backup files to be efficiently deleted throughout your directories. Beyond a simple script, you can choose the directory in which you want the backup files deleted, and also choose if you want this tool to process all sub directories. It also allows you to use your discretion- you choose the backup files that you do not want deleted. An efficient tool that assists in this file management is crucial for proper family library management.

Type Catalog Tools - Often we must edit our type catalogs, and those files must be saved using the .txt file extension for Revit to use them when loading a family. However, at times we edit our type catalogs in Microsoft Excel, and later export them to .csv files. Upon completion we manually change the file extensions to .txt for use by Revit.  The “Type Catalog Tools” tab simply automates this conversion from .csv to .txt.

WaterMark for Revit Families

Protect your Revit content from unauthorized use.

WaterMarking your families is the ultimate deterrent from unauthorized use. Embed a string of encrypted data within the densest area of the Revit family database file with WaterMark, and protect your content with identifying information such as:

- Company name
- Date/time created
- Comments (free flowing text)

Families can be WaterMarked individually, or batch process all families within a directory. This layer of encrypted security cannot be altered or removed by anyone except the original WaterMark author. This data is password protected. There is no limit to the number of WaterMarks that can be added to your content that will protect your investment made in developing Revit families.

The WaterMark program also has the ability to check for and identify WaterMarks on a single family, multiple families in a directory, or an entire Revit project. Scan models or files to identify the WaterMarked content.

AEC Systems Productivity Suite for Revit

The Productivity Suite for Revit is based on saving time and frustration for the hands on users of the software. The tools focus on Drafters Productivity and Collaboration with other firms - the details are outlined below.

Load Families

Load Families is a replacement for the inbuilt Load Family mechanism, which only allows you to load one family at a time.

After configuring the LoadFamilies tool to point to your company’s family library, the tool will list all of the subfolders under that directory as categories to the left of screen, and upon clicking on one of these categories, the subfolders, families and types that come under that category will be automatically populated to the right.

The user can navigate through and quickly tick folders, families and types in those families to import. Multiple families across multiple categories can be imported at once.

If the user is unsure of which family to pick, they can see the thumbnails for families by clicking on the text of a folder, family or type and clicking the ‘View Highlighted’ button.
Model Stripper

The Autodesk Revit platform was designed with collaboration in mind, however collaborating with other firms often means sending your large Autodesk Revit model out of the office, along with all of the intellectual property that is unnecessary and still left in there.

MWF Metal Wood Framer (Updated – Retired)

Updated October 22, 2016 to mark as retired.

MWF is a wall framing extension running on Autodesk Revit Platform for wood and light gauge metal construction. MWF is both a template as well as rules based driven application that recognizes Revit walls, doors, windows and openings. Automatically generates Stud arrangements, panel numbers, sheathing, shop drawings, Cut List and CNC output.

MWF Professional offers clash detection and resolution between walls, frames and MEP objects. This allows for the automatic verification of clashes between any number of walls against any combination of MEP objects, structural members as well as generic Revit families. This unique features also has the capability to resolve the clashes by automatically creating openings where required as well as framing the opening all based on user defined rules. Another significant feature of this clash engine it that also checks across linked models.

For more information, visit the AEC Systems product website.

This product has been retired by the manufacturer. For StrucSoft Solutions' current product list, see this article.

Friday, February 3, 2012

ADN Plugin of the month Feb 2012: Level Generator

The February ADN Plugin of the Month is Level Generator. This add-in generates multiple levels with a single command, as well as the corresponding plan and ceiling views.

As with all ADN Plugins of the Month, the source code is provided.

The add-in may be downloaded from the Autodesk Developer Network website.

Credit: The Building Coder. The author, Jeremy Tammik, does an excellent job of documenting the application on his blog.