Tuesday, November 27, 2012

IMAGINiT Adds Three New Utilities for Revit 2013

IMAGINiT has added three new utilities to their 2013 version of their IMAGINiT Utilities for Revit:

Parameter Concatenater – Assemble multiple parameter values into a single text parameter using a custom expression.

Revit Excel Link – Export Revit project data to Excel and Import data from Excel to a Revit project.

Dim Text Update - Override multiple dimensions using chosen text options.

There's more information available on the IMAGINiT website.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Autodesk FormIt - Conceptual Design Modeling on an iPad

Autodesk® FormIt mobile app helps you capture building design concepts digitally anytime, anywhere ideas strike. Use real-world site information to help create forms in context and support early design decisions with real building data. Experience a continuous Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow by synchronizing designs in the cloud for further refinement using Autodesk® Revit® software products and other applications.

Express design ideas with easy-to-use tools:
  • Create forms quickly from a gallery of shapes
  • Directly manipulate forms using gestures for easy model changes
  • Save designs to the cloud and share with others

Easy access to site information:
  • Set project location in a searchable maps interface
  • Import satellite image of your site
  • Design directly in the context of your proposed building location

PPI Group's Revit Briefcase

The PPI Group's Revit Briefcase is a series of add-ins for Revit® Architecture, Structure and MEP.  The Briefcase is able to extend the capabilities of the Revit® project in various key areas.  They are easy to use and make working with Revit® easier and more effective.

PPI's Revit Briefcase includes:
  • Selection Filter - Displays a tree of elements in a project grouped according to your selection (e.g. by Category or by Level).
  • BIM Manager - Generate a system of folders that is used in every new project, export/import tool, multi-type editor.
  • Legends - Generate a legend of different elements in just a few steps.
  • Modify - A set of tools for aligning text according to selected elements.
  • Query - A set of tools for querying element properties.
  • View - Edit Crop Region to current view.
  • Build - Room to Floor command

New Features added regularly!

There's more information on the PPI Group's website.

Scan to BIM 2013 from IMAGINiT

IMAGINiT’s Scan to BIM (previously posted about here) was the first software to provide the ability to view and interact with point clouds inside of Revit.

You can now view point clouds directly inside Revit. Scan to BIM™ takes this one step further, enabling you to not only visualize point clouds in Revit, but also to interact with them, assisting with automated recognition and placement of architectural elements such as walls and columns, as well as MEP elements such as pipes, ducts, conduits and more

Features with this release include the ability to create native Revit geometry from the point cloud and to analyze differences between the model geometry and the point cloud.

Other new features in Scan to BIM 2013.1 include:
  •     Create Arc Walls and Column
  •     Manage the visibility and information for all your loaded point clouds
  •     Measurement of Points and Point Density
  •     Toggle Point Cloud Visibility – easily turn it on or off
  •     Getting Started Videos – ramp up faster with our growing list of how-to videos

There's more information about this add-in on the IMAGINiT website.

Friday, November 16, 2012

ARCHIBUS Smart Client Extension for Revit: Web-based Integration of Facilities Data with BIM Models

Integrate facilities and infrastructure data with BIM models over the Web for comprehensive building lifecycle management and reporting

  • Provides an intuitive, graphical bi-directional link to Revit using Web Services, enabling an easy, incremental approach in transitioning to BIM technology
  • Supports all facility management elements in BIM models
  • Puts BIM data to work immediately for building operations-related processes
  • Connects seamlessly to ARCHIBUS applications for increased productivity and data accuracy

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has enabled a richly detailed and collaborative approach to the way buildings are designed and constructed. What it lacks, however, is a way to easily scale to the portfolio-level and connect with business data. ARCHIBUS Smart Client Extension for Revit addresses that need with a true BIM 4.0 application designed from a facility manager’s perspective. It provides quick access to Revit graphics and COBie information using Web Services to connect Revit models to ARCHIBUS enterprise data. This gives users a 4-dimensional view of an organization and its processes. In addition, the Smart Client Extension implements rules and workflows that coordinate the bi-directional data exchange and updates the BIM model itself, to keep everything in-synch.

There's more information available on the ARCHIBUS website.

ARCHIBUS Overlay for Revit: BIM Capabilities That Improve Building Lifecycle Management

Link drawings to facilities and infrastructure data bi-directionally, synchronizing updates to each environment for improved accuracy and productivity.

  • Expands capabilities into Building Information Modeling (BIM) to improve lifecycle management
  • Increases accuracy of information through visualization and simultaneous updates to Autodesk applications and the ARCHIBUS database environment
  • Improves productivity by expediting the creation of working drawings with a suite of ARCHIBUS architectural drawing and design tools

The task of separately managing drawings and alphanumeric data is often an inefficient duplication of effort. Ensuring a facility or infrastructure drawing also contains information on associated assets and people is critical, particularly with the inevitable updates and changes that can occur on a daily basis. The ARCHIBUS Overlay with Design Management for AutoCAD® & Revit® seamlessly integrates drawings and alphanumeric data with Autodesk's AutoCAD®, AutoCAD® Architecture, and Revit® Architecture environments. The result is a single, unified information environment for managing facilities and infrastructure that improves productivity and data accuracy, while leveraging your existing investment in Autodesk tools.

There's more information available on the ARCHIBUS website.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Keynote Browser from Kiwi Codes

"Kiwi Codes Keynote Browser enables users to easily add, edit and delete Keynotes. It also allows users to compare the Keynote file against all Elements in any Revit project, checking for assigned, non assigned, and broken Keynote links (where broken Keynote links are elements with a Keynote number assigned that no longer exists in the Keynote file)."

There's more information available on the Kiwi Codes website.

Sheet Counter from Kiwi Codes

"Sheet Counter is a simple automatic sheet counter for Revit 2013 which counts how many sheets are in the project and numbers the sheets ie sheet 23 of 97.

"You can remove, exclude or add sheets and Sheet Counter will automatically renumber the sheets for you."

There's more information available on the Kiwi Codes website.

Element Renumber from Kiwi Codes

"Easily renumber any Revit element that has a “mark” value, including doors, windows walls etc.  Also renumber Viewports and Grids.  Add Prefix and suffix to mark values.

"Remove all duplicate “mark” values in a selected category in one easy step using Category Renumber."

There's more information on the Kiwi Codes website.

Free Column Splitter from StrucSoft Solutions (Updated)

From the Autodesk App Store...

Splits one or multiple structural or architectural columns by point(s), level(s), or reference plane(s) with specified gap offsets.

Select how to split the column

Click 'Settings' to change gap offsets

Upper textbox will leave a gap offset to the top column.
The lower textbox will leave a gap offset to the bottom column.

About This Version
Version 2016.1.2, 6/3/2016
Added Autodesk® Revit® 2017 support.

The free Column Splitter add-in is brought to you by StrucSoft Solutions Ltd.

There's more information available on the Autodesk App Store.

Updated 10/22/2016 with the latest available information.

Further Reading

Roundup – Add-ins from StrucSoft Solutions, Including Some Free

Free Family Categorizer from Kiwi Codes

"This tool takes all the families located in the specified folder and sub folders and organizes them into Category named folders in the target directory."

This free add-in may be downloaded from the Kiwi Codes website.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Innovaya Composer for Revit

Innovaya Composer for Revit is an add-on program for Autodesk Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, and Revit MEP . It imports the Revit design element information into Innovaya project model and exports the model into an .INV file, which can be read by all Innovaya applications, including Innovaya Visual BIM, Innovaya Visual Quantity Takeoff, Innovaya Visual Estimating, Innovaya Design Estimating, and Innovaya Visual 4D Simulation.

There's more information on the Innovaya website (although the page link only indicates support up to Revit 2011, Innovaya's homepage has a blurb about Revit 2013 support).

AEC-APPS - Community Driven Apps

"Hold on to your hats! AEC-APPS, the brainchild of CASE and SOM, will launch a private beta in the next few weeks. AEC-APPS is a community-driven collection of apps specifically for the design, construction and maintenance of buildings. If you, like us, are overwhelmed by the constant flux of new software and plug-ins for the AEC industry but want to keep updated on tools important to you and pick up a few new ones, AEC-APPS will allow you to do just that!"

For more information, see the AEC-APPS website.

Monday, November 5, 2012


CloudRender™ enables faster rendering by utilizing cloud computing allowing you to continue working in Revit.
  • Render and work in Revit, simultaneously
  • Utilize high performance computers on the cloud
  • Show complete top quality renders
  • Keep client appointments
  • Upfront pricing

CloudRender can be downloaded from the Limitless Computing website.

Tekla Interoperability Downloads

Reliably exchange data between Revit and Tekla Structures with the free Import from Tekla and Export to Tekla add-ins. These free add-ins may be downloaded from the Tekla website.

ReVVed - Free Add-ins from PKH Lineworks

ReVVed is a collection of Revit extensions that have been designed with the draftsperson in mind. ReVVed turns repetitive tasks into one click commands. These commands work with architecture, structure and MEP flavors of Revit. Commands like:
  • Text Tools - merge multiple text notes into a single note or change the case of notes.
  • Component Commander - allows loaded components to be searched and found easier.
  • Web Link - opens a web browser to the URL stored in Revit components.
  • Polyline - adjust the total length of end-to-end lines. (Like travel distances)
  • Open Folder - opens Windows Explorer to the folder where the project or linked file is located.
  • Project Commander - store critical information about the currently open project in a handy place.

The free ReVVed add-ins can be downloaded from the PKH Lineworks website.

Credit: Luke Johnson's What Revit Wants blog

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Free Super Shared Parameter Loader from Case (Updated)

"The stock parameter loader is a huge pain for many users and offers very little power when dealing with large sets of parameters. This tool allows you to load multiple parameters at once. You can also visualize the parameters in their group associations as well as their data types. The CASE subscription version for this tool supports filtering as well as adding new parameters to the file from either parameters that exist in the current model or from user entry. Family parameters are only support by the subscription version.

"Installation is handled from within the CASE Add-In Manager!"

This free add-in may be downloaded from the case apps website.

Update 5/8/2016: CASE and the CASE Apps website are no more but, courtesy of WeWork, the CASE Apps are now open source. They may be accessed on GitHub.