Friday, August 21, 2020

We Never Said Goodbye

You may have noticed that we've not posted on Revit Add-ons since late last year. That's because early this year I accepted a position with Autodesk competitor Bentley Systems as a consultant in their Civil Infrastructure group. Clearly, continuing Revit Add-ons would represent a conflict of interest. Therefore, for now at least, the site is shuttered from new content. However, the site will remain up and the ads will continue in perpetuity. 

I cannot adequately express my gratefulness to our advertisers and readers. This blog and the revenue it generated helped me through some tough years as I struggled with health issues. Fortunately, things are better nowadays.

Special thanks to those who helped along the way: Juan Osborne for our kick-ass logo and swoosh header graphic, graphic artist Dragan Vukicevic, who was responsible for much of the look of the site, and content contributor Aleksandra Matic, who did a lot of the heavy lifting down the stretch. Each of you was a pleasure to work with.

I won't say goodbye because who knows what changes tomorrow may bring. For now I'll simply say, see you down the road apiece.